People Rentals, offers you an extensive range of flats, apartments and studios for rent in San Sebastian. All the rental apartments we offer are fully furnished and equipped, with all services provided and safety and hygiene guaranteed. People Rentals is responsible for the management of the contract, which is done for the full floor, which contains the data of the people who inhabit it. As a student you will always feel that someone is there and can answer your questions, not only about the accommodation, but also about how to move in your new city. San Sebastian offers excellent transport possibilities and all of our apartments are centrally located, just a short walk from the nearest train or bus station.


First, you have to know when you'll be in San Sebastian. You need to check the start date of the courses, and if you are going to rent an apartment it is good to keep in mind when you are leaving. When you are sure about which dates you will need accommodation for, you should start checking for available flights. During high season, flight prices may increase and therefore you may wish to book your flight long before your arrival in the city. Once your flight is booked, you should start looking for accommodation! Remember that there are many people who are offering hosting on various websites and they are not always reliable.


Many students and young people come to San Sebastian to study and experience everything this vibrant city has to offer. When you come as a student to a new city, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind and research before you arrive. Therefore, we have created this easy guide to make sure you have all the necessary information before you come to enjoy the city. We have vehicles with driver for groups, families or couples, who make the airport - apartment – airport service, and also private services for excursions, cultural and gastronomic visits... Professional drivers in saloons cars and minivans will make your transfers more comfortable and safer.
Check the availability of our apartments, calling us at 943 442 867 or 661 675 400. You can also ask us using our contact form.